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What is Scrappy Appliqué?

Scrappy Appliqué is a raw edge applique technique where you collage scrap fabrics to create your applique piece. This method was developed by Shannon Brinkley, an international speaker, author and designer.


The process is quick, fun, simple to pick up, and every level of quilter will enjoy it whether a beginner or advanced. 

Quilters LOVE Scrappy Appliqué because:
  • you don't have to be precise, no rulers required

  • it is laid back

  • there is a lot of room for creativity while still having structure and steps

  • move at your own pace

  • it is quick 

  • no two projects are alike - each is a one of a kind

Scrappy Appliqué Program

Are you looking for a fun and unique program for your quilt guild? Scrappy Appliqué is an absolute crowd pleaser as it is simple, fun and great for all skill levels.


During this 45 minute to 1 hour presentation, I will share the Scrappy Appliqué method as well as a trunk show to inspire your members to create their own projects. 

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Scrappy Appliqué Workshops

Workshops teach the Scrappy Appliqué method in a fun, engaging environment where everyone will learn the skills to confidently turn any template into an original design.


This one of a kind technique allows each person to reflect their own personality in their project by the choices made in colors, fabrics, shapes and finishing.

Workshops are highly customizable and can be formatted to fit your guild or quilt shops needs in either a half-day (4 hour) or full day (6 hour) segment. 

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